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Compassionate In-Home Pet Euthanasia
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Euthanasia Pricing

Home Visit


After Hours (10pm-6am)

additional $150


additional $200

Cremation prices are separate charges and depend on your pet’s weight category, and cremation type (Private, or Communal/General). Please contact us for cremation prices specific to your needs.
*Includes 20 mile radius from our Tualatin location


We are available for your scheduling needs. Home Euthanasia appointments may be during the day or night. Your family would expect to work with one of our team of experienced, compassionate doctors.

What is Pet Euthanasia?

Euthanasia is the humane, painless and compassionate procedure of ending your pet’s life. There are many reasons why this may be a reasonable choice for you and your family. If your pet companion is suffering from a terminal or incurable disease, or is unable to enjoy life and their daily activities, euthanasia may be a valid option. It is a peaceful way to end your pets’ suffering and allow them a dignified final farewell.

Benefits of Compassionate Home Euthanasia

For your pet
When your pet companion is at home in their own environment, they are more comfortable and relaxed. At home, they do not deal with the stress of a car ride and a hospital atmosphere. Particularly for a pet in discomfort, a home euthanasia prevents additional stress and the pain of moving.

For you and your family
Euthanizing at home allows the entire family to be present and provides a private and familiar environment to say goodbye to your pet companion. The grieving process can begin in the comfort of your own home, with family who has shared a special life with you. Other pets in the home are able to be present and say goodbye as well.

What happens during Home Pet Euthanasia?

When our doctors come to your home, they will make every effort to make the euthanasia process peaceful for everyone involved. Often a sedative medication will be given to help relieve any pain and allow your pet to relax. Once this medication has taken effect and the family is ready, our doctors will give the final injection which will stop their heart. It is a very fast, effective and pain free process which takes only a matter of minutes to perform. After the euthanasia, our doctors will give you time to spend with your deceased pet to say goodbye.

What happens afterward?

Dignified Pet Services, Cremation
If you choose pet cremation, our doctors will transport your companion back to our facility to carry out your cremation wishes. We can also provide memorialization items including clay paws, ink paws and remembrance hearts. If you are interested in additional memorialization, Dignified Pet Services can assist you with those needs.

Pet Loss Support Resources

Dove Lewis Pet Loss Support
Enid Traisman, M.S.W, C.T.

24 hr message phone line, 503-234-2061
Group sessions:
1st Thursday 12:00pm
2nd Thursday 7:00pm
3rd Thursday 10:00 am
3rd Monday 7:00 pm

Veterinary Wisdom Resource Center
Articles and referral resources


“Dignified Pet Euthanasia helped my family through the most difficult loss we had ever experienced. Their facility created an at home feel for a beautiful last memory of our beloved yellow lab, Belle”

Britnie J

“Our family greatly appreciates how kind, compassionate & sincere you all were during our difficult loss. We cannot say thank you enough for allowing Moose to live out his final moments in the comfort of his own home (he really hated the vet!) We wish you would have known him during his better days.”

Tracy and Harry B